Spanish Class


Hola Mis Estudiantes, (my students)

I pray you all had a wonderful summer! I am sorry that many of you were not able to work on the computer this year; but I am hoping you will take advantage of these fun websites that I have listed below. Some of these are the same websites I allow students to play on during the school year. Some are new sites that I hope you will visit. I especially want you to check out I have purchased the use of this program for one year to see how we like it and to find out if it will assist you in making Spanish fun. Please read the instructions below to see how to access and use Mytarea. I promise you, if you will play these games, your Spanish will increase!

Have a GREAT school year!

Senora Echeverri

Elementary Spanish Websites:
(please choose Spanish activities)

Instructions for Mytareas:
When you register, register under you last completed grade. Register using the codes below:
1st - 8152466
2nd - 5434571
3rd - 3635560
4th - 5417786
5th - 4887085
6th - 59815